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Название книги: The Master of Petersburg
Автор(ы): J.m. Coetzee
Жанр: Современная проза
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1. Petersburg
October, 1869. A droshky passes slowly down a street in the Haymarket district of St Petersburg. Before a tall tenement building the driver reins in his horse.His passenger regards the building dubiously. 'Are you sure this is the place?' he asks.' Sixty-three Svechnoi Street, that's what you said.'The passenger steps out. He is a man in late middle age, bearded and stooped, with a high forehead and heavy eyebrows that lend him an air of sober self-absorption. He wears a dark suit of somewhat démodé cut.'Wait for me,' he tells the driver.Beneath scarred and peeling exteriors the older houses of the Haymarket still retain some of their original elegance, though most have by now become rooming-houses for clerks and students and working-folk. In the spaces between them, sometimes sharing walls with them, have been erected rickety wooden structures of two or even three storeys, warrens of rooms and cubicles, the homes of the very poorest.No. 63, one of the older dwellings, i
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