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Название книги: The English Assassin
Автор(ы): Daniel Silva
Жанр: Триллер
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To Phyllis Grann, finally,and as always, for my wife, Jamie,and my children, Lily and Nicholas.gnome (nōm)n.Folklore any of a race of small, misshapen, dwarflike beings, supposed to dwell in the earth and guard its treasuresWEBSTER’S NEW WORLD DICTIONARY“Suppressing the past is a tradition in Switzerland.”JEANZIEGLERTHE SWISS, THE GOLD,AND THE DEAD
SWITZERLAND1975MARGUERITEROLFEwas digging in her garden because of the secrets she’d found hidden in her husband’s study. It was late to be working in the garden, well past midnight by now. The spring thaw had left the earth soft and moist, and her spade split the soil with little effort, allowing her to progress with minimal noise. For this she was grateful. Her husband and daughter were asleep in the villa, and she didn’t want to wake them.Why couldn’t it have been something simple, like love letters from another woman? There would have been a good row, Marguerite would have confessed her own affair. Lovers would have been relinquished, and soon t
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