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Название книги: Only You Can Save Mankind
Автор(ы): Terry Pratchett
Жанр: Научная Фантастика
Адрес книги:

The Mighty ScreeWeeTM Empire is
poised to attack Earth!Our battleships have been
destroyed in a sneak raid!Nothing can stand between Earth
and the terrible vengeance of the
ScreeWeeTM!But there is one starship left...
end out of the mists of time comes
one warrior, one fighter who Is the
last Hope of Civilizatlon!YOU!YOU are the Savior of Civilization.You are all that stands betweenyour world and Certain Oblivion.You are the Last Mope.Only You Can Save Mankind! TMAction-Packed with New Features!Just like the Real Thing! Full.ColorSound and Slam.VectorTM Graphics!Sulteble for 1CM PC, Atari. Amiga. Pineapple,Ametrad, Nintendo. Actual games shots taken from aVersion YOU haven't bought.Copyright IEEE Qobi Software, 7234 W., Agharta
Drive, Shambaia, Tibet. All Rights Reserved. All
company names and product names are regletered
trademarks or trademarks of their respective
compeniee.The names ScreeWee, Empire and Mankind are
trademarks of QobI Software 1992.
The Hero With A Thousand
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