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Название книги: Hercule Poirot's Christmas
Автор(ы): Agatha Christie
Жанр: Детектив
Адрес книги: http://www.6lib.ru/books/Hercule-Poirot_s-Christmas-147884.html

My dear JamesYou have always been one of the most faithful and kindly of my readers and I was seriously pertubed when I received from you a word of criticism.You complained that my murders were getting too refined – anaemic, in fact. You yearned for a ‘good violent murder with lots of blood’. A murder where there was no doubt about its being murder!So this is your special story – written for you. I hope it may please.Your affectionate sister-in-lawAgatha
Yet who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him?Macbeth
Part 1. December 22nd
IStephen pulled up the collar of his coat as he walked briskly along the platform. Overhead a dim fog clouded the station. Large engines hissed superbly, throwing off clouds of steam into the cold raw air. Everything was dirty and smoke-grimed.Stephen thought with revulsion:‘What a foul country – what a foul city!’His first excited reaction to London, its shops, its restaurants, its well-dressed, attractive women, had faded. He saw it n
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