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Название книги: Final impact
Автор(ы): John Birmingham
Жанр: Альтернативная история
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Arnold, General Henry H. (Hap). US Army Commander of the Army Air Force.Churchill, Winston. Prime Minister, Great Britain.Curtin, John. Prime Minister, Commonwealth of Australia.Eisenhower, Brigadier General Dwight D., US Army. Head of War Plans Division. Appointed Commander of US Forces, European Theatre of Operations, June 1942.King, Admiral Ernest J., USN. Commander-in-Chief of the US Fleet and Chief of Naval Operations.Kolhammer, Admiral Phillip, USN. Task Force Commander, Commandant Special Administrative Zone (California).MacArthur, General Douglas, US Army. Commander, Allied Forces, South-West Pacific Area. Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.Marshall, General George C., US Army. Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff.Nimitz, Admiral Chester, USN. Commander-in-Chief, US Pacific Fleet.Roosevelt, President Franklin D. Thirty-second president of the United States of America.Spruance, Rear Admiral Raymond A., USN. Commander, Combined Pacific Task Force.Stimson, Henry.
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