книга The Dawn of Amber

John Betancourt

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книга The Dawn of Amber

The first in a trilogy of prequel novels, fully authorised by the estate of Roger Zelazny. In Roger Zelazny’s AMBER universe there is only one true world, of which all others are but Shadows. In the ten book saga that he created readers learnt that Amber was not the first true world; rather, it was the Courts of Chaos. The saga chronicled the adventures of the royal family of Amber, culminating with the world-shaking battle between champions from Amber and Chaos. Zelazny did not have the chance to create the origin of Amber and its royal family, or reveal other key information that is alluded to before he died. THE DAWN OF AMBER trilogy will expand the ‘Amber’ universe and answer the important questions left open, including how Amber was created and why. The events in the trilogy will precede those in the existing novels, but will follow some of the same, immortal characters. Finally fans of the series will discover why it was necessary to create Amber, how Chaos and Amber came to be at war, and the true nature of the universal, sentient forces that Amber and Chaos represent.

Жанр: Фэнтези
Скачано: 150 раз
Прочитано: 405 раз

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