книга Scorched Earth

Dick Stivers

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книга Scorched Earth

Guided by a captured gang pistolero, Able Team crashes into the firestorm of the Mexican heroin wars. The three superspecialists blaze a desperate path across a desolate landscape to confront drug armies waging a campaign of atrocity and extermination.
Betrayed by the American Drug Enforcement Agency, facing the combined forces of the heroin gangs and Mexican traitors, Able Team enlists the Yaqui warriors of the Sierra Madres in their war against the Empire of Heroin. United, they strike.
War leads to more war, as hot pursuit of the gang lords throws Able Team against a conspiracy that is using billions of dope dollars to finance the Fascist conquest of the Americas!

Жанр: Боевик
Скачано: 135 раз
Прочитано: 240 раз

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