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Christiane France

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книга Paris Heat

From old-fashioned girl to swinger in twenty-four hours?
After being dumped by her boyfriend for what he said was her old-fashioned, narrow-minded attitude toward sex, Trish Stacey decides to use a small win on the lottery for a vacation in Paris, France. Paris is the city of love and Frenchmen are supposed to be the world's greatest lovers, so, hopefully, if she can just loosen up a bit, maybe some of it will rub off and she can finally get with the program.
It seems Paris, however, has come to Trish. Before the plane even leaves the ground, a man sits in the next seat, and suddenly "Ooh la la" takes on a whole new meaning. Especially after they arrive in Paris and Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome introduces her to his equally delicious male partner

Жанр: Эротика
Скачано: 11 раз
Прочитано: 113 раз

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